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Project Description
MultiCore is a compute cloud wrapper written in c# and supports a simple db role, membership and profile provider. Also offers support for easier Simple DB access. Includes the latest amazon libraries. Azure support coming soon.

The Membership, Profile and Role providers are basic implementations, I welcome anyone with the time to complete the missing functions. What is there now is usable so don't panic - more advanced functions are the ones left out until later.

Source is hosted on here:
See our WIKI + Issues here:

This project current supports the following uses:

Wraps the Amazon .NET libraries to provide for easier use and plug in support for various .NET technologies.
  • ASP.NET Membership provider using the Simple DB storage system.
  • ASP.NET Role provider using the Simple DB storage system.
  • ASP.NET Profile provider using the Simple DB storage system.
  • Provider system to give easy access to simple DB via the provider pattern.
  • Stand-alone provider to give immediate access to Simple DB without the need for config files.

  • Amazon SDB Libraries
  • Amazon SQS Libraries

note: Supports the SDB 2009-04-15 API version.
note: Supports the SQS 2009-02-01 API version.

Usage: See our github WIKI!

This project will remain MONO 2.4 compatible. Please note these providers are not yet compatible with DNN5 but will be
in the future.

This project is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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